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    Castle of Mesen Chapel Jan Stel

    Castle of Mesel

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    Amchit Residence Lebanon Blankpage Architects.

    "Conceived as a layering of decks, the beach house seeks to maximize its relationship with the sea through a visual and compositional celebration of horizontality in general and the Mediterranean horizon in particular. The slabs are held by a minimal steel structure made of equally sized square columns on a regular module of 2.55m, as well as a discreet glass enclosure and wooden louvers in varying horizontal and vertical rhythms allowing for a relative level of privacy and shade."

    Dream House in Lebano

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  3. waiting into the traffic…

  4. Living wall

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  6. Better than before

  8. Insecurity

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    ARCHIZOOM Federico Babina

    Architetture illustrate

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    Woodspot Light by Allessandro Zambelli

    Woodspot light

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    Sparkling Bubbles Installation by Emmanuelle Moureaux

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    Storm Thorgerson

    Storm Elvin Thorgerson (28 February 1944 – 18 April 2013) was an English graphic designer, best known for his work for rock artists such as Pink FloydLed ZeppelinBlack SabbathScorpionsPeter GabrielGenesisEuropeCatherine WheelBruce DickinsonDream TheaterThe CranberriesThe Mars VoltaMuseBiffy Clyro and Rival Sons.” [via]

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  13. fantastica performance con 3d Projecting

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    PIL House - São Paulo, Brazil by Studio Guilherme Torres


    #interiors #brazil

    Accostamenti cromatici e mix intriganti per un’interno di una casa in Brasile…interesting


  15. Dangerdust, due graphic design anonimi creano opere con gessetti sulle lavagne del college.