1. Artist Nick Veasey uses a custom-made cargo scanner to capture X-rays of items


  2. Casa24Plus: L’erba sintetica si arrampica sulle pareti e isola gli edifici.

  3. Selfridges shopwindows by Nike

    (Fonte: free-design)

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    NUON Amsterdam - Amsterdam, Netherlands by Heyligers design+projects http://bit.ly/1hKHck7 #architecture

    Fresh color palette for this office lounge.
    Furnished with Moroso seating and lamps by Foscarini.

  5. efedra:

    S-Curve, 2006 by Anish Kapoor

    Anish Kapoor in S-Curve sculpture

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  6. Colormood 2014
    Preparate ad un bagno di Radiant Orchid, questo è il colore trend del 2014 secondo i ricercatori di PANTONE.

    A chi non piace….basterà aspettare il prossimo anno.

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    De los Austrias Pharmacy by Stone Designs http://bit.ly/J6nzmc A new space typology, in which tradition and vanguard merge in such a subtle way that originate a slow and deliberate dialogue in which no element stands out of the rest, creating an almost musical harmony. #Madrid #Pharmacy #interiors #archilovers

    L’immagine farmacia, o meglio parafarmacia, si libera del pesante immagine tradizionale o asettica posticcia. Un ambiente stimolante e variegato fatto di arredi freestanding e accostamenti di colori.
    Mi sento già meglio….

  8. If Only For A Second

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    Playing with architecture in MunichThe surreal photo series by Víctor Enrich

    Find more at:  http://bit.ly/1hR9jwN

    Victor Enrich e le sue fotografie surreali. Munich Surreal series

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    The most Pin repinned of the week is: Private Loft by Dotti Pasini Architetti

    Follow the board: Staircases http://www.pinterest.com/archilovers/staircases/

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    Design a staircase can be not a boring issue but a challenge to do something sophisticate.


  11. Design the Life

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    Travelling with an architect: discovering New York

    #NY #architecture #NewYork #archilovers

    New York

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    ume-play collection by Nendo

    Find more at: http://bit.ly/1blFy1E

    "Like children playing with paper, we blew up the pattern until it was enormous, as though viewed through a magnifying glass. We cut it up with scissors, pasted it, lined it up, turned it upside down and layered it, too."

    #nendo #design #pattern #japan #porcelain

    Ume play collection by Nendo

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    100 colors by emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design

    find more at: http://bit.ly/15KxXp5

    #installation #colours #tokyo

    Installation Rainbow

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    Hôtel Americano, New York by TEN Arquitectos

    Find more at: http://bit.ly/18SPhKv 

    #archilovers #architecture #hotel

    Hotel Americano in New York City